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Domain Name System Operations (Concluded WG)
Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 1999-Jun-03 —  

IETF-72 dnsop agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
0.0 Agenda
5.1 Name Server Configuration Protocol Requirements
5.3 Proposal to revise RFC 4641
6.1 Non-Availability of Dynamic Updates
6.2 EDNS0 Support in Authority Servers on 27 July 2008


          WG:        DNS Operations (dnsop)
          Meeting:   IETF 72, Dublin
          Location:  Citywest Hotel, Saggart, Co Dublin, IE; "Ballroom 1"
          Date:      Tuesday, 29 July 2008
          Time:      13:00 - 15:00 (UTC+1)        (//mext, tictoc, sip, roll, krb-wg, tsvarea
          Chairs:    Rob Austein <sra@hactrn.net>  <sra@isc.org>
                     Peter Koch  <pk@isoc.de>      <pk@denic.de>
          Jabber:    xmpp:dnsop@jabber.ietf.org
          WG URL:    http://www.dnsop.org
          Material:  https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/72/materials.html
          Version:   $Revision: 1.4 $
          1) Administrivia
             [chairs][ 5 min][13:00]
             - minutes scribe     {volunteers welcome in advance!}
             - jabber scribe      {volunteers welcome in advance!}
             - blue sheets
             - agenda bashing
             - IETF guest day
          2) Status Update
             [chairs][ 5 min][13:05]
             - RFCs published
                  - NONE -
             - Internet-Drafts in RFC Editor Queue
                  - NONE -
             - I-Ds at the IESG
                  Holding DISCUSS, resolution still in progress
             - I-Ds in or past WGLC
                  Waiting for PROTO Write-Up
                  Waiting for PROTO Write-Up
          3) WG Charter
             [chairs][ 5 min][13:10]
          4) Active Drafts
             [chairs][20 min][13:15]
             4.1) draft-ietf-dnsop-respsize-11.txt
                  Awaiting WGLC
             4.2) draft-ietf-dnsop-as112-ops-01.txt
                  Awaiting WGLC
             4.3) draft-ietf-dnsop-dnssec-trust-anchor-02.txt[Matt Larson][10 min][13:15]
             4.4) draft-ietf-dnsop-resolver-priming-01.txt    [Peter Koch][10 min][13:25]
          5) Current & New Topics
             [chairs][40 min][13:35]
             5.1) Design Team Deliverable                   [Wes Hardaker][25 min][13:35]
                  "Name Server Configuration Protocol Requirements"
             5.2) Design Team Status and Next Steps       [Jaap Akkerhuis][10 min][14:00]
             5.3) Proposal to revise RFC 4641               [Paul Hoffman][10 min][14:10]
          6) Other (non WG) Internet-Drafts
             [chairs][20 min][14:20]
             6.1) Non-Availability of Dynamic Updates          [Joe Abley][10 min][14:20]
             6.2) EDNS0 Support in Auth Servers on 27 July     [Shane Kerr][10 min][14:30]
             6.3) draft-licanhuang-dnsop-distributeddns-04.txt [chairs]
          7) I/O with other WGs
             [chairs][10 min][14:40]
             v6ops: DNS AAAA synthesis
          8) A.O.B.
             [N.N.][10 min][14:50]
             {please identify issues in advance}

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