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Extensions for Scalable DNS Service Discovery (Concluded WG)
Int Area: √Čric Vyncke, Erik Kline | 2013-Oct-25 —  

IETF-92 dnssd agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Chairs' slides
mDNS/DNS interop
DNS Push Notifications
Hybrid solution requirements review
Hybrid solution autoconf
Threat model
Session 2015-03-23 1300-1500: International - Audio stream - dnssd chatroom


                                   dnssd WG Agenda - IETF 92
                                    1300-1500CDT 2015-03-23
                              (Last revised 2015-03-23 12:16 ET)
          Administrivia                                   Droms/Chown       10 minutes
            Introduction and NoteWell
            Agenda bashing; blue sheets; scribe; Jabber scribe
          On Interoperation of Labels Between mDNS and DNS
                                                          Sullivan          10 minutes
            Update on WG document; prepare for WG last call
          DNS Long-Lived Queries                          Pusateri/Cheshire 30 minutes
            New draft review; discuss adoption as WG document
          Hybrid Unicast/Multicast DNS-Based Service Discovery
                                                          Droms             30 minutes
            Review of document against requirements
          Auto-Configuration of Hybrid Unicast/Multicast DNS-SD Proxies
                                                          Stenberg          15 minutes
            Technology review of homenet WG I-D
          Multicast DNS (mDNS) Threat Model and Security Consideration
                                                          Rafiee            20 minutes
            Review of updates
                                                                           115 minutes

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