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DDoS Open Threat Signaling (Concluded WG)
Sec Area: Roman Danyliw, Benjamin Kaduk | 2015-Jun-26 —  

IETF-111 dots agenda


          Agenda for DOTS at IETF-111
          Thursday, July 29, 2021
          Session II, 20:30-21:30 UTC, Room 9
          Chairs: Liang Xia
                  Valery Smyslov
          5 min.  Administrativia (jabber scribes, note takers), Note Well, Agenda bashing
          5 min.  WG documents status update
          5 min.  draft-ietf-dost-call-home
                  Distributed Denial-of-Service Open Threat Signaling (DOTS) Signal Channel Call Home
          10 min. draft-ietf-dots-multihoming
                  Multi-homing Deployment Considerations for Distributed-Denial-of-Service Open Threat Signaling (DOTS)
          10 min. draft-bosh-dots-quick-blocks
                  Distributed Denial-of-Service Open Threat Signaling (DOTS) Signal Channel Configuration Attributes
                  for Robust Block Transmission
          5 min.  draft-ietf-dots-telemetry-use-cases
                  Use Cases for DDoS Open Threat Signaling (DOTS) Telemetry
          10 min. Testing of Q-block at Hackathon
          5 min.  Open Mic
          5 min.  Closing

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