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Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies (Active WG)
Art Area: Barry Leiba, Murray Kucherawy | 2005-Feb-09 —  

IETF-87 ecrit agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Chairs Agenda Slides
Additional Data related to an Emergency Call (Brian)
Updating Additional Data using Subscribe/Notify (Brian)
Trustworthy Location Information (Bernard)
ecall - ETSI related background, status, requirements (Ban)
eCall URN Extension (Roland)
eCall - In Vehicle Emergency Call (Randy)
Data-Only Emergency Alerts (Brian)
Service Coverage Scope for Service URN (Brian)
LoST Extension - Complete and Similar Location (Brian)
Session 2013-07-29 1300-1500: Tiergarten 1/2 - Audio stream - ecrit chatroom


          See the agenda below, which is also posted in the Meeting Materials Manager,
          ECRIT Agenda - 13:00-15:00, Monday, July 29, 2013 Berlin
          10 min * Agenda Bashing, Draft Status Update (Marc Linsner, Roger Marshall)
          10 min * Additional Data related to an Emergency Call (Brian)
          Intention: Discuss latest changes and if ready for WGLC
          10 min * (Brian) Updating Additional Data related to an Emergency Call using Subscribe/Notify (Brian)
          Intention: Discuss new draft
          15 min. * Trustworthy Location Information (Bernard)
          Intention: Discuss impact of recent rewrite
          15 min * eCall - background, current status, and requirements discussion linked to current ETSI work (Ban Al-Bakri)
          15 min * Internet Protocol-based In-Vehicle Emergency Call (Randy)
          Intention: Discussion of draft & WG adoption question
          10 min * Uniform Resource Name (URN) extension for automatic and manual Emergency Services (Roland)
          Intention: Discussion of changes to draft
          10 min * Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) based Data-Only Emergency Alerts using the Session Initiation Protocol (Brian)
          Intention: Discuss recent updates to draft
          10 min * Service Coverage Scope for Service URN (Brian)
          Intention: Discuss new draft
          10 min * A LoST extension to support return of complete and similar location info (Brian)
          Intention: Discussion of changes to draft
          5 min * Discussion

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