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Energy Management (Concluded WG)
Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 2010-Sep-28 — 2015-Jun-08 

IETF-82 eman agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
EMAN Requirementrs
EMAN Energy Aware MIB
EMAN Framework
EMAN reference model
EMAN Monitoring MIB
EMAN Battery MIB
EMAN Applicability Statement
EMAN pricing
Session 2011-11-16 1300-1500: 101B - Audio stream - eman chatroom

iCal: ietf-82-eman.ics


          EMAN draft agenda, IETF 82
          Wednesday, November 16th 2011, Room, 101B
          1. Note well, agenda bashing, note takers, blue sheets, 5 min
          2. Update from last meeting / WG Status                 5 min
          3. Terminology
             draft-parello-eman-definitions-03, Chairs, 5 min
          4. Requirements for Energy Management,
             draft-ietf-eman-requirements-05, Rolf Winter, 15 min
          5. Energy Management Framework, Mouli
             draft-ietf-eman-framework-03, Benoit Claise 20 min
             Other draft:
                draft-quittek-eman-reference-model-03, Rolf Winter, 15 min
          6. MIBs
             6.a. Energy-aware Networks and Devices MIB
             draft-ietf-eman-energy-aware-mib-03, Benoit Claise, 15 min
             6.b. Power and Energy Monitoring MIB
             draft-ietf-eman-energy-monitoring-mib-01, Mouli Chandramouli, 15 min
             6.c. Definition of Managed Objects for Battery Monitoring
             draft-ietf-eman-battery-mib-02, Rolf Winter, 10 min
          7. Energy Management (EMAN) Applicability Statement,
              draft-tychon-eman-applicability-statement-05, Mouli Chandramouli, 10 min
          8. Other Drafts  (if time permits)
             Energy Price Information draft-jennings-energy-pricing-01, Bruce Nordman, 5 minutes
          9. Open microphone: whatever time is left
          Regards, Bruce and Benoit.

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