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IETF-93 homenet agenda

Session 2015-07-22 1300-1530: Grand Ballroom - homenet chatroom


          IETF 93 - Homenet Agenda
          Wednesday, July 22, 2015
          1300-1530  Afternoon Session I
          Grand Hilton Ballroom
          0. Administrivia (10m)
          Blue Sheets
          Note taker - TBC
          Jabber relay - TBC
          1. Draft Status Update - WG Chairs (10m)
          Updated WG Drafts:
          - draft-ietf-homenet-prefix-assignment-07 [in IESG Evaluation (1 DISCUSS)]
          - draft-ietf-homenet-dncp-07 [in IETF LC]
          - draft-ietf-homenet-hncp-07 [WGLC closed 14 July, Revised ID Needed]
          - draft-ietf-homenet-front-end-naming-delegation-03 [WGLC soon]
          - draft-ietf-homenet-naming-architecture-dhc-options-02 [WGLC soon]
          - draft-ietf-homenet-hybrid-proxy-zeroconf-00 [no update, waiting on dns-sd]
          New or Updated Individual Submissions:
          - draft-geng-homenet-mpvd-use-cases-01
          - draft-jin-homenet-dncp-experience-00
          - draft-augustin-homenet-dncp-use-case-00
          2. Selected updates on the above
          xNCP Document Cluster Update (15m)
          - Steven Barth
          xNCP Implementation Report (10m)
          - Juliusz Chroboczek
          Experience and Evaluation of the Distributed Node Consensus Protocol (10m)
          - Kaiwen Jin
          DNCP Use Case in a Distributed Cache System (5m)
          - Aloys Augustin
          Naming Architecture (10m)
          - Daniel Migault
          MPVDs in Homenet and MIF (10m)
          - Liang Geng
          3. Routing (70m)
          Report from Routing Protocol Design Team
          - Russ White

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