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Httpauth Status Pages

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Authentication (Concluded WG)
Sec Area: Roman Danyliw, Benjamin Kaduk | 2013-Apr-23 — 2017-Feb-01 

IETF-95 httpauth agenda

Session 2016-04-06 1620-1720: Buen Ayre B - Audio stream - httpauth chatroom


          The HTTP-Auth Working Group will meet at IETF 95 on Wednesday, April 6th
          at 16:20 local time (19:20 UTC) for 1 hour in the Buen Ayre B room.
          Here is the planned agenda:
             Blue sheets, Note Well, and administrivia - 5 minutes
             Document status - 5 minutes (mainly SCRAM getting published)
             MutualAuth issues - 20 minutes - chairs
             SRP - 20 minutes - Yaron Sheffer / Rifaat
             Open Mic - 10 minutes
          Note: The MutualAuth time depends on there being issues to discuss.
                There are some reviews in progress.
          Audio: http://ietf95streaming.dnsalias.net/ietf/ietf954.m3u
          Meetecho: http://www.meetecho.com/ietf95/httpauth
          Jabber: xmpp:httpauth@jabber.ietf.org?join
          Jabber log: http://jabber.ietf.org/logs/httpauth

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