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Idnabis Status Pages

Internationalized Domain Names in Applications, Revised (Concluded WG)
App Area: Barry Leiba | 2008-Apr-15 — 2010-Mar-17 

IETF-72 idnabis agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
critical path issues for protocol and rationale documents


          FIRST SESSION (July 28, 2008 1520-1720, RATHCOOLE ROOM)
          a.Outline of outstanding issues identified in the mailing list (or other communications)  action: editors (and chair)
             (i) Document structure (current structure? Other?)
             (ii) Specific issues with each current document
          b. Discussion of issues and resolution where possible
          SECOND SESSION (July 29, 2008, 1520-1720, RATHCOOLE ROOM)
          a. Further issue discussion and resolution if incomplete from first session.
          b. Prepare post-IETF action lists (mostly issue resolution and confirmation on the mailing list)
          c.Proposed timeline for completion of the work (discussion)
             i. Document revision based on meeting results Aug 8
             ii. Minutes of the meeting Aug 8
             iii. Summary of conclusions of the meeting Aug 8
             iv. Deadline for comments September 5
             v.  Release of Final IDNAbis IDs September 19
             vi. WG Last Call on IDNAbis IDs September 19
             vii. Deadline for IDNAbis WG Last Call Oct 3
             viii. Editorial Conference Call Oct 6 0700-1000 Cerf, Klensin, Faltstrom, Karp, Alvestrand)
             ix.  Possible outcomes
                       a. Send documents to AD
                       b. Make editorial changes and send to WG and AD (for
                            non-substantive changes)
                       c. Revise documents and re-issue and initiate WG last call

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