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IETF-87 intarea agenda


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Chair Slides
Implementation Status
Flow characteristics
Stateless vEPC
Wireless link
Session 2013-08-02 1120-1220: Potsdam 3 - Audio stream - intarea chatroom
Session 2013-08-02 1230-1330: Potsdam 3 - Audio stream - intarea chatroom


          intarea WG **DRAFT** Agenda
          IETF 87
          Friday, August 2,2013
          1120-1330 Friday Afternoon Session I & II
          1. Agenda Bashing, WG & Document Status (Chairs) 10 minutes
          2. Implementation Status Experiment
             Brian Haberman 5 minutes
          3. A Fragmentation Strategy for Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)
             Ron Bonica 15 minutes
          This document describes a fragmentation strategy for GRE that has
          multiple implementations and deployments. The intent of the document
          is to provide guidance to future implementers.
          4. A Framework for Signaling Flow Characteristics between Applications
             and the Network
             Toerless Eckert 15 minutes
          This document provides a framework for communicating metadata between
          applications and networks to provide better visibility of the
          application flows and allows for differentiated treatment of such
          flows. The goal of this presentation is to raise awareness for this
          work and to explore possible venues to continue this work.
          5. Stateless user-plane architecture for virtualized EPC
             Ryuji Wakikawa 15 minutes
          The draft describes a new mobility architecture that is relevant to
          multiple mobility related working groups and is being presented here
          to raise awareness to this work.
          6. Issues with IP links in spontaneous wireless networks
             Charles Perkins 10 mins
             (no draft)
          Raise wider awareness to some issues that need to be handled by IP on
          ad-hoc wireless networks.
          7. Scaling ARP for large data centers
             Linda Dunbar 10 mins
          Present updates to the draft since the last meeting and request
          adoption by the working group.

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