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Int Area: Éric Vyncke, Erik Kline | 2010-Mar-23 —  

IETF-82 intarea agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Chair Slides
NAT Reveal Analysis
Energy aware ND
Load balancing with flow label
One Vision for IPv6 - Part 1
One Vision for IPv6 - Part 2
One Vision for IPv6 - Part 3
Session 2011-11-16 1300-1500: 201 DEF - Audio stream - intarea chatroom

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          intarea WG Agenda
          IETF 82
          WEDNESDAY, November 16, 2011
          1300-1500 Afternoon Session I
          1. WG & Document Status (Chairs)
          2. L3 Overlays for Network Virtualization
             Thomas Narten 15 minutes
          This presentation aims to provide an overview of the potential IETF
          work related to providing L2 network virtualization service over an L3
          overlay network. The main work will be performed in l2vpn but the work
          is connected to several INT area working groups and hence is being
          presented here to publicize the work.
          3 . Revealing a Host Identifier in Shared Address Deployments
             Mohammed Boucadair 10 mins
          The authors would like the wg to adopt the document as intarea wg
          item. There will be a call for adoption in the meeting (to be
          confirmed on the mailing list after the meeting)
          4. Energy Awareness in Neighbor Discovery
             Erik Nordmark/Samita Chakrabarti 15 mins
          This potential update of ND could end up being useful to multiple wgs
          (armd, lwip, 6man etc.). It is being presented in intarea to publicize
          the work.
          5. IPv6 Flow Label for Server Load Balancing
             Brian Carpenter 10 mins
          This document is operational in nature and describes the use of flow
          label for server load balancing. It is being presented in intarea to
          publicize the work since load balancing community tends to go across
          multiple layers and therefore multiple IETF areas.
          6. One Vision for IPv6
             Randy Bush, Mark Townsley and Dan Wing
             No Draft
          This is a discussion about how to arrive at a unified vision for IPv6

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