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IP Flow Information Export (Concluded WG)
Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 2001-Sep-27 — 2015-Mar-24 

IETF-87 ipfix agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Link Layer IEs
IPFIX Mediation Protocol
Exporting MIB Objects
IPFIX Information Model v2 Discussion
Metering Process Location
Framework for Signaling Flow Characteristics
Flow Aware Packet Sampling Techniques
Application-layer Information Export
Session 2013-07-29 0900-1130: Schoeneberg 1/2 - Audio stream - ipfix chatroom


          IP Flow Information Export WG (ipfix)
          Agenda for IETF 87, Berlin  (agenda-03)
          Monday, 29 July 2013, 1000-1130, Schoenberg 1/2
          >>> Note that EMAN and IPFIX are sharing this
              2.5 hour meeting time-slot on Monday morning <<<
          Juergen Quittek <quittek@netlab.nec.de>
          Nevil Brownlee  <n.brownlee@auckland.ac.nz>
          1. Agenda review                                            =  5 min
          2. Update from last meeting / WG Status (Nevil)             = 10 min
               Flow Selection Techniques
                 In RFC Ed queue since 30 May, MISSREF on 5101bis
               IE Doctors
                 In RFC Ed queue since Oct 2012, MISSREF on 5101bis
                 Current ie-doctors team is Brian Trammell, Paul Aitken,
                   Juergen Quittek and Nevil Brownlee
                 In RFC Ed queue since 12 Feb, MISSREF on 5101bis
                  draft-ietf-ipfix-protocol-rfc5101bis-08, 13 Jun 13
                  Approved Announcement sent 17 Jul 13
          3. Current charter work items                               = 10 min
             a) IEs for Data Link Layer Traffic Measurement (Atsushi Kobayashi)
                  draft-ipfix-data-link-layer-monitoring-03,  2 Jul 13
                  Waiting for feedback from Pat Thaler
             b) Protocol for PFIX Mediation  (Brian Trammell)
                  draft-ietf-ipfix-mediation-protocol-05,  27 Jun 13
                  WGLC 3-21 July
             c) Exporting MIB objects  (Paul Aitken)
                  draft-ipfix-mib-variable-export-02,  25 Feb 13
                  No change since last meeting
          4. Next steps for IPFIX                                     = 50 min
             a) IPFIXv2 discussion  (Paul Aitken)
                In Atlanta, when discussing MIB Variable Export we said ...
                . EFSF is a new direction for IPFIX - it's really IPFIXv2.
                . We need to finish the MIB Variable Export draft as soon as possible.
                . Paul will remove it from this draft, making sure the draft
                    will still work in IPFIXv2.
               . The WG should adopt this as a work item.  That will require a
                   new charter; meanwhile work on it can proceed on the IPFIX list.
             b) What drafts should we consider next for the WG?
          5. Other drafts (if time permits)                           =  15 min
             a) IEs for Metering Process Location (Abdelkader Lahmadi),
                   draft-festor-ipfix-metering-process-location-00,  30 Jun 13
             b) Framework for Signaling Flow Characteristics between
                Applications and the Network (Toreless Eckert)
                   draft-eckert-intarea-flow-metadata-framework-00,  4 Jul 13
             c) Flow Aware Packet Sampling Techniques (Ramki Krishnan)
                    16 Jun 13
          6. Any Other Business
          Drafts presnted at IETF 86 (Orlando)
             a) Textual Representation of IPFIX Abstract Data Types
                  (Brian Trammell)
                  draft-trammell-ipfix-text-adt-00.txt, 5 Nov 12
             b) Private Enterprise Information Elements Registry
                Exchange  (Chris Inacio)
                  draft-inacio-ipfix-penie-00.txt,  9 Nov 12
             c) Reporting Equivalent IPFIX Information Elements  (Paul Aitken)
                  draft-aitken-ipfix-equivalent-ies-00.txt, 15 Feb 13
          Presentation slides will be available at
            (search for IPFIX in the Operations and Management Area)
          Participation via jabber is offered at ipfix@jabber.ietf.org
          and via Meetecho, http://ietf87.conf.meetecho.com/index.php/Web_Client

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