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IP Flow Information Export (Concluded WG)
Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 2001-Sep-27 — 2015-Mar-24 

IETF-82 ipfix agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
IPFIX IE Doctors
IPFIX Aggregation
MIB Variable Export
Revision of IPFIX MIB
Structured Data: Semantic Issues
Exporting Application Info
Cisco Information Elements
Session 2011-11-17 1520-1720: 101B - Audio stream - ipfix chatroom

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          IP Flow Information Export WG (ipfix)
          Agenda for IETF 82, Taipei,  Version 05
          Thursday, November 17, 1520-1720, Room 101B
          Juergen Quittek <quittek@netlab.nec.de>
          Nevil Brownlee  <n.brownlee@auckland.ac.nz>
          1. Agenda review                                            =  5 min
          2. Update from last meeting / WG Status (Nevil)             = 10 min
               IANA: IEs 297 (natType), 298 (initiatorPackets)
                 and 299 (responderPackets) allocated.
                 300 is left unassigned, next unassigned IE is 347
               Current work items
                 Export-per-SCTP-Stream - waiting on sctp-per-stream-reset;
                   tsvwg draft is in IETF LC, on IESG agenda for 1 Dec
                 PSAMP MIB - IANA registry issue (Juergen)
                    draft-ietf-ipfix-psamp-mib-04, 31 Oct 11
                 Flow Selection Techniques
                    -09 published.  IPR; Nick Duffield says "PSAMP addressed
                    this issue by making the all the selection methods optional"
                    Lots of changes in this draft, needs another WG LC.
          3. New charter work items                                   = 75 min
               The draft names here are the existing draft names, they
               will be re-published when the new charter is formally approved.
               For all of them we need to decide:
                     Who will edit them?
                     Who will review them?
             a) Progressing IPFIX Standards-Track RFCs 5101 and 5102 (Benoit Claise)
                    There has been discussion of these on the list ...
                  draft-claise-ipfix-protocol-rfc5101bis-02, 26 Oct 11
                  draft-claise-ipfix-information-model-rfc5102bis-01, 29 Oct 11
             b) Protocol for PFIX Mediation (Benoit)  >> No slides for this <<
                  draft-claise-ipfix-mediation-protocol-04, 7 Jul 11
             c) Guidelines for Information Elements (Brian Trammell)
                  draft-trammell-ipfix-ie-doctors-03, 28 Oct 11
             d) IPFIX Aggregation (Brian)
                  draft-trammell-ipfix-a9n-04, 26 Sep 11
             e) Exporting MIB objects (Benoit)
                  draft-johnson-ipfix-mib-variable-export-03, 31 Oct 11
             f) Revision of IPFIX MIB (5815) (Benoit)
                  draft-ietf-ipfix-rfc5815bis-00, 26 Oct 11
                  Registering packet selector functions
             g) IEs for Data Link Layer Traffic Measurement (?)
                  draft-kashima-ipfix-data-link-layer-monitoring-06, 14 Sep 11
          4. Structured Data: semantic isues for data types           = 10 min
               Brian Trammell
          5. Other drafts (if time allows)
             a) Export of Application Information in IPFIX (Benoit)
                  draft-claise-export-application-info-in-ipfix-03, 30 Oct 11
             b) Cisco Specific Information Elements for IPFIX (Benoit)
                  draft-yourtchenko-cisco-ies-02. 31 Oct 11
          6. Any Other Business                                       =  5 min
          Presentation slides will be available at
            (search for IPFIX in the Operations and Management Area)
          Participation via jabber is offered at ipfix@jabber.ietf.org

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