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IP Performance Measurement (Active WG)
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IETF-110 ippm agenda

Session 2021-03-08 1530-1630: Room 7 - ippm chatroom
Session 2021-03-12 1700-1900: Room 9 - ippm chatroom


IPPM Agenda IETF 110

Session 1: Monday 8 March 2020, 14:30-15:30 UTC

Session 2: Friday 12 March 2020, 16:00-18:00 UTC

Where: Meetecho

Chairs: Tommy Pauly & Ian Swett

Session 1

IOAM Documents

Time Length What Who
14:30 5m Welcome, Note Well, Agenda, Status Chairs
14:35 5m draft-ietf-ippm-ioam-ipv6-options F. Brockners
14:40 5m draft-ietf-ippm-ioam-yang T. Zhou
14:45 20m IOAM Data Integrity F. Brockners
15:05 25m Loopback and Direct Export

Session 2

Working Group Documents

Time Length What Who
16:00 5m Welcome, Note Well, Agenda, Status Chairs
16:05 15m draft-ietf-ippm-connectivity-monitoring R. Geib
16:20 10m draft-ietf-ippm-stamp-yang G. Mirsky

Proposed Work

Individual drafts that have received list discussion and are candidates for adoption.

Time Length What Who
16:30 15m draft-mdt-ippm-explicit-flow-measurements M. Cociglio
16:45 10m draft-mirsky-ippm-hybrid-two-step G. Mirsky
16:55 10m draft-xiao-ippm-ioam-conf-state X. Min
17:05 20m draft-gandhi-ippm-stamp-srpm R. Gandhi

Lightning Talks

Each talk is limited to 5 minutes.

What Who
draft-song-ippm-ioam-ipv6-support H. Song
draft-song-ippm-inband-e2e-rtt-measurement H. Song

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