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IP Performance Measurement (Active WG)
Tsv Area: Zaheduzzaman Sarker, Martin Duke | 1997-Jan-09 —  

IETF-72 ippm agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
4. Reporting draft/Stas Shalunov
5. Delay Variation AS
6a. TWAMP extensions
6b. TWAMP extensions
6c. TWAMP extensions
7. Duplicate Draft


          Session 1: Ongoing work
          (Wednesday 30/6, 13:00-15:00)
            1. Administrativia (Chairs, 5')
            2. Status of Drafts and Milestones (Chairs, 10')
                a) TWAMP
                b) MultiMetrics draft
                c) Traceroute draft
            3. Composition drafts (Al Morton, 15')
            4. Reporting IP Performance Metrics to Users (Stanislav Shalunov, 15')
            5. Delay variation AS (Al Morton, 15')
            6. TWAMP extensions. (3x5')
                = Mixed Mode Extension for TWAMP (Morton and Hedayat)
                = TWAMP Reflect Padding Feature (Morton and Ciavattone)
                = Individual Session Control Feature for TWAMP (Morton)
            7. Duplication Metric. (Henk Uijterwaal, 15')
            8. Liaison Statement from ITU-T SG 12 (Al Morton, 10')
               Liaison statement on the Development of a New Performance
               Method of Measurement for Bandwidth Available in Real Time -BART
            9. AOB
          Note: if you have slides, please mail them to the chairs before the meeting.
          Session 2: IPPM++,  BoF on future work for the group
          (Wednesday, 30/6, 9:00-11:30)
          In Philadelphia, we discussed the future of the group now that we get
          close to finishing the work that is on our plate.  We had some
          discussion on possible future work items.  In Philly, people did suggest
          to have a BoF to discuss this in Dublin.  We have a slot, so let's start
          to discuss...
            1. Administrative details.
            2. What did IPPM do so-far (Chairs)
            3. Possible future work items.
               a) SLA validations (Joel Sommers/Nick Duffield, Al Morton
                  showing the slides).
               b) Passive measurements (Yutaka Kikuchi)
                  (draft-kikuchi-passive-measure-02.txt, and
               c) Comparison of Metrics
               d) Other possible work items
            4. Discussion.
            5. How to proceed from here.
          If you have work that fits into section 3, please let me know and I'll
          give you a slot on the agenda.
          However, note that the goal of the BoF is to determine if there are
          problems that needs to be solved _and_ there is a critical mass of
          people who want to work on this.  The goal of the BoF is NOT to
          discuss possible solutions in great detail.   For more on how to make
          the BoF a success, see:
          Note: if you have slides, please mail them to the chairs before the meeting.

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