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Ipsecme Status Pages

IP Security Maintenance and Extensions (Concluded WG)
Sec Area: Roman Danyliw, Benjamin Kaduk | 2008-Jul-08 —  

IETF-72 ipsecme agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Session Introduction
IPsec Roadmap
IPv6 Configuration in IKEv2
IKE Session Resumption
ESP Traffic Visibility
IKEv2 Testing at TAHI
GRE Key as Traffic Selector
IPsec Performance at BMWG
Crash detection and recovery
IKEv2 with EAP-GTC
IPsec with NAT-PT
Re-direct Mechanism for IKEv2


          - Welcome and WG overview (chairs) - 15 mins
          Quick charter review
          What is in and out of scope
          Review of when things can be added to the charter
          - IKEv2bis status (Paul Hoffman) - 15 mins
          Refresh status
          List open issues
          Request an additional author who is an IKEv2 implementer
          - Roadmap document (chairs) - 10 mins
          Review what is in the charter
          Ask for additional ideas
          Ask for volunteers for an editor
          - IKEv2 IPv6 config status (Pasi Eronen) - 20 mins
          Describe why it's needed
          Discuss different approaches
          Request for additional author who is an IKEv2 and IPv6 implementer
          - IKE session resumption status (Yaron Sheffer) - 10 mins
          What is and is not in scope from the charter
          Very brief overview of the proposed solution
          - IKE redirect status (Vijay Devarapalli) - 10 mins
          What is and is not in scope from the charter
          Very brief overview of the proposed solution
          - ESP-null visibility (Gabriel Montenegro) - 15 mins
          Why this is desired
          Overview of multiple proposals
          - Short presentations on out-of-scope-for-the-WG documents - 40 minutes
          5 minutes for each item, and three slides max (title, overview, where it is being discussed).
          Planned so far:
          -- IKEv2 testing activity at TAHI (Yukiyo Akisada)
          -- IPsec benchmarking (Merike Kaeo)
          -- GRE traffic selectors (Hui Deng)
          -- Fast and secure crash detection in IKE (Yoav Nir)
          -- EAP-GTC (Yaron Sheffer)
          -- IPsec NAT traversal in NAT-PT (Sangjin Jeong)
          - Open mic on items from the charter
          - Open mic on non-charter items
          - Wrap-up (chairs) - 5 mins
          What will happen on the list
          Milestones for the rest of the year

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