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JSON Mail Access Protocol (Active WG)
Art Area: Barry Leiba, Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov | 2017-Mar-16 —  

IETF-104 jmap minutes

Session 2019-03-25 1350-1550: Athens/Barcelona - Audio stream - jmap chatroom


minutes-104-jmap-00 minutes

          JMAP session minutes - IETF104 Prague - Monday Mar-25-2019 14:50
          Congratulations to Barry Leiba on being elevated to Area Director,
          and thanks for your service as co-chair on JMAP.
          Core and Mail docs:
          * Neil has resolved all the issues and submitted for publication.
          * Thanks everybody!
          * Push notifications:
            - Discussion of how to request push events - query parameters on URL?
            - Conclusion was to add some @type payloads "UpdateStreamOptions".
          * Compression Algorithms:
            - Facebook are doing something similar at Dispatch right now
            - Compression is part of websocket, not our space, we shouldn't make
              any reference to specifics of compression in our spec.
          * ACTION: Ken to update spec with points from discussion here
          * NEXT STEPS: gain implementation experience before publishing
          * Neil is happy to be an author
          * It would be good to have a co-author from outside FastMail
          * ACTION: Bron will look for a co-author at CalConnect
          * NEXT STEPS: flesh out the required features beyond JSCalendar format.
          * JSContact shouldn't come here
          * ACTION: Bron/Alexey will follow up on finding a home for JSContact
          * NEXT STEPS: await home for data format and then data format work
          Virtual Mailboxes:
          * SavedSearches are very simple - just a map of name to filter expression
          * A virtual mailbox which appears in mailboxIds would be hard to implement
            (have to calculate on delivery and reply with new mailboxIds in updated
          * also: Update/Total counts on the object
          * Neil doesn't want to write this one
          * ACTION: find an author if there's interest
          * Alexey has written basic draft.
          * Could add signing and key management if you trust the server with
          the keys
          * Signature verification is the first basic step
          * ACTION: Bron to call for adoption
          Milestone review:
          * Calendar: June 2020
          * SMIME: Dec 2019
          * MDN: Sep 2019
          * Websockets: Sep 2019
          Dinner on Tuesday night: about 12 people interested

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