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Lemonade Status Pages

Enhancements to Internet email to Support Diverse Service Environments (Concluded WG)
App Area: Barry Leiba | ?? — 2010-Feb-11 

IETF-72 lemonade agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Chair's slides
Alexey's presentation
Profile Bis
QRESYNC update slides


          Agenda bashing                                          ( 5 mins)
          Review of WGLC issues in IMAP NOTIFY
          (draft-ietf-lemonade-imap-notify-06.txt)                (15 mins)
          WGLC issues for Lemonade Profile Bis
          (draft-ietf-lemonade-profile-bis-10.txt)                (40 mins)
          Discussion on revising QRESYNC                          (20 mins)
          Review of draft-melnikov-imapext-filters-05.txt         (20 mins)
          Additional CONVERT parameters for image/* and video/*
          (draft-melnikov-lemonade-convert-params-01.txt)         (20 mins)
          Post WGLC comments on IMAP Sieve
          (draft-ietf-lemonade-imap-sieve-05.txt)                 (30 mins)
          Total:                                                  150 mins

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