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IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (Active WG)
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IETF-108 lpwan minutes

Session 2020-07-30 1300-1350: Room 4 - Audio stream - lpwan chatroom


minutes-108-lpwan-03 minutes

          LPWAN WG IETF 108
          Meeting : IETF108 Thursday, July 30, 2020
          Venue : Online
          Video Link : https://www.meetecho.com/ietf108/lpwan/
          Audo Link : http://mp3.conf.meetecho.com/ietf/ietf1084.m3u
          Time : Session II 13:00-13:50 UTC (50min)
          Location : Room 4
          Chairs : Pascal Thubert pthubert@cisco.com
                   Alexander Pelov a@ackl.io
          Responsible AD : Eric Vyncke
          Live minutes : https://codimd.ietf.org/notes-ietf-108-lpwan
          Live feeds : https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/agenda/
          Other URLs : https://tools.ietf.org/wg/lpwan/
              [13:00] Administrivia (chairs) [ 5min]
              o Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
              o Status of drafts
              [13:05] draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-over-sigfox (Juan-Carlos Zuniga)
              [13:15] draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-over-lorawan (Olivier Gimenez) [10min]
              [13:25] draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-over-nbiot (Ana Minaburo) [ 5min]
              [13:30] draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-yang-data-model (Laurent Toutain)
              [13:40] draft-ietf-lpwan-coap-static-context-hc-15 (Ana Minaburo)
              [ 5min]
              [13:45] AOB, Adjourn
          Times in UTC
          [13:00] Administrivia (chairs) [ 5min]
              Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
              o displays agenda
              o displays milestones
              Status of drafts
              o OAM draft: still there, no progress at his time
          [13:03] draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-over-sigfox (Juan-Carlos Zuniga) [10min]
              during hackathon, off-line coding.
              update on the draft
              o use of FCN to indicate size of packets/ # of fragments. Will test
              in next version of PySCHC
              next steps
              o interop at Bangkok?
              o more fine-tuning
              Laurent: for tests, openSCHC core on a public server, could be used
              for interop.
              JCZ: Good to know. We will look into that.
              Ivaylo: use of sequence #, means no interleaving?
              JCZ: Sigfox Seq# counter spans over multiple (frag/data) sessions. We
              can interleve.
          [13:10] draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-over-lorawan (Olivier Gimenez) [10min]
              -08 published two weeks ago
              goes through changes in -08
              o rework of retransmission timer during the interim meeting
              no comment so far on -08
              outcome of the WGLC?
              Pascal: WGLC is finished, now working on the comments, solving the
              Pascal: -08 could be submitted to IESG for publication, Dominique
              to do his work as shepherd (write-up + check IPR + request)
              Pascal: will tell Dominique the right way of submitting to IESG
          [13:16] draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-over-nbiot (Ana Minaburo) [ 5min]
              shows 3GPP architecture, more complex than that described in RFC8376
              3 use cases for SCHC depending on NB-IoT data transmission choice
              (IP, non-IP, NAS)
              JCZ: in case 2, need to transfer context to visited network,
              Ana: already done for RoHC. Home HLR sends context to visited
              JCZ: would be interesting to explain in the draft.
              JCZ: how about SCHC over the top of NB-IoT?
              Ana: this is case 3. SCEF is used to pass the context (??)
              goes on presenting fragmentation
              Pascal: Transfer Blocks, can you explain again?
              Ana: Transfer Block increment is 2 bytes, hence the 16 bits.
              JCZ: 1000 bits not multiple of 16 bits, confusing.
              Ana: need reviewers
              Pascal: LoraWAN authors, could you have a look, compare sections
              for missing info, etc?
              Ivo: volunteers
              Olivier volunteers, too
              Alex: no hard deadline, in the coming weeks/month.
          [13:30] draft-ietf-lpwan-schc-yang-data-model (Laurent Toutain)[10min]
              draft is stable. On GitHub LPWAN repo.
              describes the content of the draft.
              Pascal: what’s the unit of time for timers?
              Laurent: description of field says it’s seconds.
              Alex: will submit to YANG doctors for review
              Laurent reiterates draft is stable, happy with what they have now.
              How about a WGLC to raise attention and bring comments in?
              Pascal: vacation time. Even if we LC now, we will extend the review
              time into september?
              Pascal: then, why not get feedback from YANG doctors before WGLC?
              Alex: suggests to wait for coap-over-schc to pass IESG
              Alex: how do we get a YANG doctor review?
              Eric: ask for review by YANG doctor. Can help asking for this.
              Alex: shoot for WGLC in Sept.
              Laurent: synchronize with CORECONF.
              Pascal: why?
              Alex: we should not put a dependecy on CORECONF. This doc is
              self-standing. Let’s ship this one.
          [13:43] draft-ietf-lpwan-coap-static-context-hc-15 (Ana Minaburo) [ 5min]
              one DISCUSS remaining to solve. (there were two more, now solved)
              goes over changes from -13 to -15
              o better depiction of various ways of using SCHC with CoAP
              o clarified uni/bidirectional terminology
              still to work before issuing -16: some comments from B Kaduk
              Pascal: thank a lot to Ana for hard work and to the IESG for the
          [13:50] Meeting is adjourned

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