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Link State Routing (Active WG)
Rtg Area: Alvaro Retana, Deborah Brungard, Martin Vigoureux | 2018-Feb-23 —  

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Draft name Rev. Dated Status Comments, Issues
draft-ietf-isis-ipv6-dst-src-routing 2018-02-27   Active
draft-ietf-isis-mpls-elc 2018-02-27   Active
draft-ietf-isis-reverse-metric -10 2018-02-24   Active
draft-ietf-isis-segment-routing-extensions 2018-02-27   Active
draft-ietf-isis-segment-routing-msd ipr 2018-02-27   Active
draft-ietf-isis-sr-yang 2018-02-27   Active
draft-ietf-isis-te-app 2018-02-27   Active
draft-ietf-isis-yang-isis-cfg 2018-02-27   Active
draft-ietf-ospf-segment-routing-msd -09 ipr 2018-02-26   Active
draft-ietf-ospf-sr-yang -04 2018-03-04   Active
draft-ietf-ospf-yang -10 2018-03-04   Active
Replaced, Dead or Unknown:
draft-ietf-ospf-lls-interface-id 2018-03-02   Reassigned to ospf WG
draft-ietf-ospf-mpls-elc 2018-03-02   Reassigned to ospf WG
draft-ietf-ospf-ospfv2-hbit 2018-03-02   Reassigned to ospf WG
draft-ietf-ospf-ospfv3-segment-routing-extensions ipr 2018-03-02   Reassigned to ospf WG
draft-ietf-ospf-te-link-attr-reuse 2018-03-02   Reassigned to ospf WG
draft-ietf-ospf-xaf-te 2018-03-02   Reassigned to ospf WG

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