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Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (Active WG)
Rtg Area: Alvaro Retana, Deborah Brungard, Martin Vigoureux | 1997-Jun-12 —  

IETF-106 manet minutes

Session 2019-11-20 1520-1650: Orchard - Audio stream - manet chatroom


minutes-106-manet-00 minutes

          Ronald in 't Velt (chair):
          This short session mainly doc status update, nothing more due to Stan's
          In rfc queue is the
          - dlep-lid-ext, Stan Ratliff and Rick Taylor
          - dlep-latency-ext
          - has some technical fixed needed and has been that was for over 100 days
          - credit-flow, credit-ext, traffic-class
          - Expired at the beginning of Sept.
          - One author, Lou Berger revived these I-Ds this morning
          - Not a lot of comments during extended WGLC
          Lou Berger:
          - made changes when comments came in, but did not push
          - it has been a while, should go through them
          - newer content than what expired?
          - yes, it's just been a while
          - propose new wglc
          - 2-3 weeks from now
          - Ron acting as shepherd to documents
          Future of WG:
          - Lou Berger's presentation on DLEP multicast at IETF-105
          - dlep-multicast I-D by January 2020
          - Lou taking over from Stan
          - Ron willing to help as he finds it personally interesting
          - collaberating with Dave Wiggins
          - wanted to push for 106, but decided against it
          - first draft soon to Ron
          - implementation details in one draft rather than second draft
          - no need to do now, but do offline
          - no other pending I-Ds
          - looking at charter
          - 2-3 meetings ago agreed to have a adopting call for a 4th doc
          - ethernet-flow-control
          - might been a year ago to do it
          Rick Taylor:
          - split out?
          - appendix as example, made it new doc
          - things happened, now waiting
          - dont want to wait another cycle
          - no need to wait
          - go to mailing list for adoption
          - charter mentions multicast work
          - document challenges, best practices?
          - not much happening in that area, what do we do?
          - obliged to address these?
          - was working with Stan on dlep-extension for SMF PIM
          - early days
          Alvaro Retana (responsible AD):
          - asked: do what is in charter?
          - ideally yes, do what WG wants
          - compromise with other work (specific item)
          - at time there was interest...
          - question mailing list?
          - anyone interested?
          - confession: actively working on multicast at work
          - looked at SMF
          - look at stuff coming out of PIM
          - unconvinced what we doing is manet unique
          - PIMish? picking out the tree
          - tweak to work with manets?
          - if wrote up would take back to PIM
          - others were looking at SMF but they are not here anymore
          - same point, last bullet
          - discuss where do we go?
          - new items, look at old stuff?
          Stu Card:
          - precise words in charter:
          - WILL do liason with PIM
          - WILL do multicast with SMF
          - conflict built right in
          - SMF, industry thinks its ready to go
          - it's experimental RFC about flooding, not a solution
          - danger if manet stop people will think its good enough
          - manet specific topics are being picked up at link layer
          - if go down multicast route it would be about maintaing multicast
          heterogenous link layer technology manets
          - that drifts into PIM
          - don't have answer
          - don't want to go into deep technical now
          - personally interested, but we will take to list
          - need to get more energy
          - talking with AD
          - couple of ideas, bring back OLSR work
          - rename to DLEP WG almost
          - personal idea on new DLEP data item
          - need to check if it holds water
          - write up and have ready sometime in January
          - Ron presentation on inter-manet routing at 105
          - outside charter scope
          - at 105, ppl showed interest
          - someone outside group also interested and encouraged to take to mailing
          list, yet to do so
          - would need to recharter
          - need evidence that people are doing work for that to happen
          - Interim meeting, end of January, early Februrary 2020?
          - need to mull over what to do next with WG
          - do interim well before Vancouver but still allow for work to happen
          - timing is good and makes a lot of sense
          - virtual or physical?
          - virtual!
          - end of agenda
          - AOB?
          - one thing, need to be at bar in 3 minutes
          - will say something at plenary about Stan
          - near the end before open mic
          - with that, meeting adjourned

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