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Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (Concluded WG)
Sec Area: Roman Danyliw, Paul Wouters | 2011-Oct-25 — 2020-Dec-03 

IETF-82 mile agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Welcome to MILE / Agenda
IODEF-extension to support structured cybersecurity information
Consolidating mile-iodef-xmlreg and mile-template
GRC Report Exchange
Mail Abuse Reporting
Session 2011-11-16 1510-1610: 101D - Audio stream - mile chatroom

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          Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (mile) Working Group
                     DRAFT Agenda for IETF 82, Taipei
          Wednesday 16 November 2011, 15:10-16:10    TICC Room 101D
          Kathleen Moriarty <kathleen.moriarty@emc.com>
          Brian Trammell <trammell@tik.ee.ethz.ch>
          1. Agenda-bashing                                  =  5 min
          2. Introduction and WG Status                      = 10 min
                                              (K. Moriarty/B. Trammell)
          3. Drafts under consideration as MILE WG items     = 30 min
             As the drafts have been introduced and
             discussed on the list, presentations in this section
             should focus on open issues in these documents.
             Documents with no open issues need not be presented,
             but may be discussed.
            Presentations scheduled:
             IODEF-extension to support structured cybersecurity
             draft-takahashi-mile-sci-02                 (T. Takahashi)
             Expert Review for IODEF Extensions in IANA XML Registry
             draft-trammell-mile-iodef-xmlreg-00          (B. Trammell)
             GRC Report Exchange
             draft-moriarty-mile-grc-exchange-01          (K. Moriarty)
            Other drafts (discussion at microphone)
             Data markers draft (untitled)
             draft-goodier-mile-data-markers-00            (K. Goodier)
             Guidelines for Extensions to IODEF for
               Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange
             draft-trammell-mile-template-01              (B. Trammell)
            Open mike (time allowing)
          4. Adoption of MILE WG items                       = 10 min
             A consensus call will be held for any drafts under
             consideration as WG items for which have not yet been
             adopted as of the meeting.
          5. Other MILE related drafts / AOB                 =  5 min
             draft-vesely-mile-mail-abuse-00                 (A. Vesely)
             IODEF Extension to Support Mail Abuse Reporting
          Remote participation is available
            - via Meetecho (see http://ietf82.conf.meetecho.com/)
            - via audio streaming
              (see http://www.ietf.org/meeting/82/remote-participation.html#audio)
            - via jabber (mile@jabber.ietf.org)
          Remote participants, please note that the meeting takes place in UTC+8,
          i.e. 07:10-08:10 UTC Wednesday 16 November 2011.
          Presentation slides will be available at
            (search for MILE in the Security Area)

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