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Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (Active WG)
Sec Area: Roman Danyliw, Benjamin Kaduk | 2011-Oct-25 —  

IETF-104 mile minutes

Session 2019-03-26 1120-1220: Karlin 3 - Audio stream - mile chatroom


minutes-104-mile-00 minutes

          Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (MILE)
          Tuesday Morning session II
          11:20-12:20, March 26, 2019 (Prague)
          Room: Karlin 3
          MILE status
          co-chairs                                                         -
          5 mins
          XMPP draft status
          Nancy Cam Winget                                                  -
          10 mins
          JSON IODEF
          Takeshi Takahashi                                                 -
          10 mins
          Rolie draft status
          Stephen Banghart                                                  -
          10 mins
          AOB                                                               -
          10 mins
          Total:                                                              45
            Note Takers: David Waltermire and Chris Inacio
            Jabber scribe: Stephen Banghart
          WG status
          Stephen Banghart -  ( :) ) was ok with the April 2019 ROLIE CSIRT
          milestone for WGLC
          XMPP draft status - Nancy Cam-Winget
          AD - standard vs. information, this is an edge case; if editor has a
          strong preference, we should use it.
          Stephen. Banghart - flexible on std vs. informational; didn't have a
          lot of normative language previously
          Alexy - There are additional requirements above XMPP, which makes it
          more like a standards track
          Kathleen Moriarty - concurs; has more normative language; (advising that
          could approve document and send last set of edits via RFC editor note)
          Nancy - Not sure there is enough time to address Ben's Discuss before
          the Plenary. Might run out of time.
          AD - Nancy, you should ask Ben if he will have time to review.
          JSON IODEF - Takeshi Takahashi
          Take needs a clean version of the XML for IODEFv2 / RFC7970
          Kathleen Moriarity - You can get that from teh RFC editor
          Waltermire - does RFC editor version. have erata applied?
          Kathleen -  RFC editor should have updated version
          Chair -  in process of mapping to CDDL/JSON, more errors were found in
          7970 XML
          Kathleen - publish errata, then you can get process to do a bis on the
          Kathleen - 7970-bis would be  fast if the changes are limited to applying
          errata; this would only require review by the experts since this approach
          is just veryifying documented mistakes
          Nancy - an IANA registry can be used to provide extensibility
          Chris Inacio - If an IANA registry is added for JSON, these need to be
          made available for XML IODEF
          Dave  Waltermire. -  example about CDDL was w/ CoSWID (coauthor
          for that). creating that registry. for CoSWID in order to
          keep. CoSWID. in. sync. with ISO. based SWID. standard,  to. avoid
          Stephen. Banghart - its a tag value registry or more?
          Waltermire - no there are. more values which provide roles, etc. so they
          provide ability. to. sync without new. drafts
          Banghart -  Is this about adding the CDDL (schema) in the IANA registry? I
          recommend just including the CDDL in an appendix; this is option #1 on
          slide #3.
          Rolie draft status - Stephen Banghart
          Kathleen Moriarty - what standard about developed in Europe that is
          gaining traction; (Need to lookup standard name from CARIS workshop
          Mirjam's TF-CSIRT presentation?)
          Banghart - (1) can we do it?  Yes
          Banghart - Need a few hours on the phone with someone who knows the
          Waltermire. - Option C - update the draft when we learn about it
          Chair. -  The point of. the document is to show how. people to use ROLIE
          to. coordinate these data. types (as exemplars) so we don't need to wait
          Options - (A) publish as is (B) split for. more support for STIX & IODEF
          (C) publish and do update (D) ...
          Chair - does working group object to having this in one document
          room. - no objections
          Chair -  does the working group want to include the third format?
          Chair - Kathleen will find the new format (MISP -
          https://www.misp-project.org/) and email the list before the end of the
          week; Stephen will move forward with a single draft, allowing some time
          to include the additional format; WGLC on next revision
          Take. -  VDO is really good work (independent of MILE) and CVE has
          real problems when applying machine learning techniques;  so I am very
          supportive of this work
          Chair -  Is. the group interested in working on this document in MILE?
          Waltermire. - general room concensus, yes do the work, as long as the
          work gets a home, MILE is fine
          Chair -  is anyone willing to. coauthor?
          Waltermire -  I will help co-author
          Chair. - Who would be interested in reviewing the vulnerability work?
          Takeshi Takahashi, Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay, Kathleen Moriarity
          Waltermire. - can we do adoption comments on. the list with respect to
          time. and. document. status?
          Chair - working group. will adopt document
          Banghart - will submit updated document to working group in 1-2 weeks
          Chair - preliminary review after document for working group document
          Milestones - WGLC for ROLIE csirt extension by 3rd week of April
          Kathleen Moriarty will review draft
          Chris Inacio will review draft
          TT,  JF-M,  KM - mid-May will work for reviews.

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