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Ops Area: Ignas Bagdonas, Warren Kumari | 2019-Nov-01 —  

IETF-106 mops minutes

Session 2019-11-21 1000-1200: Collyer - Audio stream - mops chatroom


minutes-106-mops-00 minutes

          MOPs November 21 2019 - First MOPs WG meeting ever!
          Alas, in conflict with TSVWG...
          Chairs:  Leslie Daigle, Glenn Deen
          No comments on agenda bash
          Intro to WG
          Review of Concrete work items
          [15min] Draft of edge network operational considerations for streaming
             - Jake Holland
             - draft-jholland-mops-taxonomy
             On milestone but not adopted
          Key question: how to calculate the demand vs capacity in a way that will
          be useful for communicating today and archiving for posterity
             [Jake] there is a mismatch between the maximum
             [Martin Thompson] try to break to where the capacity is important
             (last mile, core)
             [Dave Oran] is there a correlation between high demand and live data.
             [Glenn Deen] perhaps produce two charts, one for on-demand file
             to stream delivery and the other for live. different metrics are
             important, latency, BW,..
             [Jake] there is some trext about ABR in the document
             [Leslie Daigle] it seems there is interset in the content, need to
             see if this is a WG asopt.
             [Leslie] are we in favor of adopting
             [Leslie] Some hum for adopting low hum against it. 3 for in the jabber.
             [Aaron Falk] use known metrics.
             [Jake] will be happy to have co-authors.
          Hum taken to adopt the document  - hum appeared to support adoption
          ### Updates from elsewhere
          * Updates from other organizations' work
             - [15min] Sanjay Mishra - Streaming Video Alliance Labs initiative
             slide 3 is the list of the technical WGs
             SVA labs open source  slide 6 what they did so far in open caching
             [Leslie] did you provide feedback to the CDNI WG, not only brining
             new work.
             [Sanjay] the WG chiar are aware of what is happening in SVA.
             [Aaron] the slide colors are bad
             no more comments and questions
             - [5min] Glenn Deen -- reflections from SMPTE 2019
             Time synchronization is important
             [Roni Even]How to synchronize media from different sources
             e.g. different cameras with gos clocks. How is the media sent over
             the IP network and address the clock resolutions
             [Aaron] there is work in ITU on time solution. it is good if we can
             capture in MOPS the use case
             [Dave] data centers have more precise time and should be taken into
             account. use atomic clocks that are now cheap
             [Glenn] there is no one way for  measuring or distributing time.
             [Aaron] what is the focus in Jake's draft, production ,...?
             [Leslie] on the edge side
             [Glenn] security and integrity of time distribution is important in
             this space and maybe an new area of work/focus
             [Aaron] capturing SMPTE operational use cases and issues around time
             in draft maybe useful
          ### General discussion of issues
          * Operational Issues Observed
             - [15min] Igor Lubashev -- QUIC and streaming
             how to measure delay and loss when the inforamtion is encryptes (QUIC)
             [Spencer Dawkins] first time OPS WG discuss this topic and not in
             Transport. Why using similar TCP flow is not enough
             [Igor] TCP and UDP applications getting different treatment.
             [Bernard Aboba] this assumes similar streaming applications, need
             more detail to allow the network to support for example layered media
             Spin bit in QUIC V1; support for loss bits may be in a QUIC extension.
             Need feedback from operators about the need for such montoring tools,
             were not present in QUIC WG
             [Spencer] explict signalling does it involve the endpoint
             [Igor] yes.
             [Spencer] do not understand how you can measure without involving
             the endpoints. This is a good direction, wish we started years ago
             [Igor] QUIC is new and scaled up the problem
             [Colin Perkins] there is a draft in tsvwg about the effects of header
             encryptions, please review the part about the network managment
             [Sanjay] this is good, there was feedback from operators and will
             continue to follow
             [Saker] how do you do without involving endpoints, there is work in
             MOSQUE to add explicit signals using proxies
             [Emile Stephan] as operator require the monitoring of network, were
             involved in spin bit and now working on loss bit.
             [Spencer] there was the plus BOF in Berlin talkin about providing
             information to on path observers which could not form a WG.
             [Emile] do not provide the session keys to the observers. endpoint
             support is important
             [Colin] in conferencing video there is the RTCP for reporting ftom
             the Endpoint. using reports from endpoints can be helpful.
          General discussion of issues
          [Eric Vyncke, responsible AD] happy with the session
          Thanks to Roni Even for taking notes during the session.
          High level summary as posted to Operations & Management wiki:
          First meeting as a WG.  Discussion of draft-jholland-mops-taxonomy (edge
          network operational considerations for streaming media), and formal
          adoption as a WG work item.  Jake Holland would welcome a co-author to
          help move it forward.
          Updates from elsewhere -- Streaming Video Alliance's use of CDNI protocol
          work; Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) recent
          meeting highlights -- clear dependencies on reliable and granular time
          reporting in operations.
          Issues for streaming operations -- overview of QUIC implications for
          networks streaming video.  There are extensions proposed in the QUIC WG,
          and operators interested in media delivery should go there to weigh in.

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