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Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 2008-Apr-29 —  

IETF-109 netmod minutes

Session 2020-11-18 1430-1530: Room 5 - netmod chatroom


minutes-109-netmod-01 minutes

          # Minutes for the NETMOD 109 WG Session
          Please help capture the discussion in-line below.
          No need to cover what is on the slides, just the discussion.
          Please also (optionally) add you name here:
          ### Note takers:
          * joel jaeggli
          ### Session material:
          ### Session:
             Wednesday, November 18
             UTC+07: 14:30-15:30
          0730-0830 utc
          ### WG Chairs:
             Lou Berger (lberger at labs dot net)
             Kent Watsen (kent plus ietf at watsen dot net)
             Joel Jaeggli (joelja at bogus dot com)
          ### Available During Session:
             Jabber:         xmpp:netmod@jabber.ietf.org?join
          ### Available During / After Session:
             CodiMD:        https://codimd.ietf.org/notes-ietf-109-netmod
             Slides (TGZ):
             Slides (PDF):
          ### Available After Session:
             Jabber Logs:   https://www.ietf.org/jabber/logs/netmod
          ## Introduction
             Chairs (10 minutes)
             Session Intro & WG Status
             Lou Berger - started at 0730
             note well
             two differsets of slides for the yang versioning not reflected in
             the original agenda
             one rfc published since the last meeting. (808)
              document updates -
              two in rfc editor queue
                  Yang Instance drraft is expired need to update it
              Balazs Lengyel - intend to work on the draft and sorry for the dealy
              Rob Wilton - liasions and communication
                  work being done in 3gpp and O RAN - would be helpdfl for us make
                  a liason providing advice for reuse
              Balazs - O RAN will use deviations from 3gpp models in specifications
              Lou - we need [consensus-derived] text (i.e., an RFC) to support
              whatever liason we write
              Balazs - The packaging document has such advice text.
          ## Chartered items:
          ### YANG Versioning Update (15 min)
             Jan Lindblad and Bo Wu
             First presentation in series
             Versioning Solution Overeview
             Jan Lindblad presenting
             Tom Hill - why are you adding white space now?
                 should just be a minor release
                 without a minor version bump, the model should be immuatable
              Jan - Makes good sense from that point of view
              Tom - takes months to upgrade thousands of routers, so knowing about
              incompatibilities between models is important
          Jan - Agree but determining what is and is not backwards campatible
          is subjective
          Kent - Yang doctors or someone not IANA should specify whether a module
          is backwards compatible
          Rob - Some models are derived from other registries. e.g. adding a new
          address family to BGP. IANA does need some consideration
          BO Wu - Presenting yang packages.
          Lou - Did you talk about alternatives e.g. update 8407
          Bo- right now it's in the packages draft
          Rob - currently the document is focused on modules
              have we discussed holding virtual interims on the packages topic?
          Lou - are you suggesting that we hold one
          Rob - yes
          ## Non-Chartered items:
          ### Telemetry Data Self Explanation Tags (10 min)
             Qin Wu
          Qin Wu - presenting data object tags
          ###   A YANG Data model for ECA Policy Management (20 min)
             Qin Wu
          08:17 started
          Intention is to raise adoption call
          Need to discuss with Andy whether his comments on the second draft
          are satisfied.
          The four issues listed here  are already solved in this version
          Kent Watsen - The chairs can initiate the adoption call and we can  see
          how it goes. This would typically be the last go around at adoption for
          this draft.
          Will follow up on the actions dicussed in this meeting.
          concluded 08:33

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