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Network File System Version 4 (Active WG)
Tsv Area: Mirja K├╝hlewind, Spencer Dawkins | 1998-Jul-30 —  

2017-02-16 charter

Network File System Version 4 (nfsv4)


 Current Status: Active

     Brian Pawlowski <beepee@gmail.com>
     Spencer Shepler <spencer.shepler@gmail.com>

 Transport Area Directors:
     Spencer Dawkins <spencerdawkins.ietf@gmail.com>
     Mirja K├╝hlewind <ietf@kuehlewind.net>

 Transport Area Advisor:
     Spencer Dawkins <spencerdawkins.ietf@gmail.com>

 Tech Advisor:
     Leif Johansson <leifj@sunet.se>

     Thomas Haynes <thomas.haynes@primarydata.com>

 Mailing Lists:
     General Discussion: nfsv4@ietf.org
     To Subscribe:       https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/nfsv4
     Archive:            https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/browse/nfsv4/

Description of Working Group:

  NFS Version 4 is the IETF standard for file sharing. To maintain NFS
  Version 4's utility and currency, the working group is chartered to
  maintain the existing NFSv4, NFSv4.1, Federated Namespace, and
  related specifications. The working group will also consider a new
  NFSv4 minor version in the form of NFSv4.2 and supporting
  protocols. Finally, deployment guidance will be collected for
  deployments of the NFSv4 FedFS implementations and their interaction
  with integration with new user authentication models.


  The working group has found that as NFSv4 implementations mature and
  deployments continue, clarifications to existing RFCs are needed.
  These clarifications assist vendors in delivering quality and
  interoperable implementations. The working group is chartered with
  the vetting of the issues and determining correctness of submitted
  errata.  In the case that the needed changes are inappropriate for
  the errata system, the working group will assist in publication of
  RFCs that provide either editorial modification to original RFCs
  or best practices RFCs.  The completion of RFC3530bis is the first
  work item.  RFCs expected to generate the most discussion or activity
  are: RFC 5661, RFC 5662, RFC 5663, and RFC 5664.


  The NFSv4.1 Objects Layout needs some additional clarification that
  are to be documented in a bis update.  The working group will work
  final issues and deliver an RFC for the clarifications.


  For some time, the working group has discussed the requirements
  for the next NFSv4 minor version.  A consensus has formed within
  the working group for an NFSv4.2 that contains the following:

     - Server Side Copy
     - Sparse Files
     - Seek Hole/Data
     - Space Reservations
     - Application Data Blocks
     - Labeled NFS
     - Simple IO hinting (modeled from posix IO_ADVISE)
     - Change Attribute Behaviors

  This is a limited set of functionality that can be effectively
  documented as an "addition" to the base NFSv4.1 protocol (RFC 5661).
  Two of the items in this list, Server Side Copy and Labeled NFS,
  require a new version of the RPCSEC_GSS security abstraction layer.
  Thus two documents will be developed by the working group.

  NFSv4 Multi-Domain Access for FedFS

  As NFSv4 FedFS deployment models are discussed/planned, a significant
  issue related to conflicting user identification spaces exists.  User
  identification collisions can occur when an NFSv4 server exports
  non-domain aware POSIX file systems with separate name (NIS/LDAP)
  services.  These collisions can block proper FedFS operation in large
  corporations or Universities with multiple naming services, or in
  being a solution to join NFS name spaces in corporate acquisitions or
  across University domains.

  To assist in resolving these issues, the working group will deliver
  three items.

  First, there are a number of constraints and clarifications to the
  current NFSv4.0 and NFSv4.1 protocols to fully enable cross domain

  Second, there is a best practices deliverable describing methods to
  work around the common current situation of non-domain aware POSIX
  file systems, and in managing naming services to cooperate in
  resolving remote domain POSIX UIDs and GIDs for remote user file

  Third, the WG needs to track the new work in the GSS-API
  authentication and authorization space (KRB WG, KITTEN WG, ABFAB WG)
  to ensure NFS can take advantage of the new features that address cross
  domain authentication and authorization issues.

Goals and Milestones:
  Done     - Issue strawman Internet-Draft for v4
  Done     - Submit Initial Internet-Draft of requirements document
  Done     - Submit Final Internet-Draft of requirements document
  Done     - AD reassesses WG charter
  Done     - Submit v4 Internet-Draft sufficient to begin prototype implementations
  Done     - Begin Interoperability testing of prototype implementations
  Done     - Submit NFS version 4 to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard.
  Done     - Conduct final Interoperability tests
  Done     - Conduct full Interoperability tests for all NFSv4 features
  Done     - Update API advancement draft
  Done     - Form core design team to work on NFS V4 migration/replication requirements and protocol
  Done     - Submit revised NFS Version 4 specification (revision to RFC 3010) to IESG for consideration as a Proposed Standard
  Done     - Strawman NFS V4 replication/migration protocol proposal submitted as an ID
  Done     - WG Last Call for RPC and NFS RDMA drafts
  Done     - WG Last Call for rfc1831bis (RPC version 2)
  Done     - WG Last Call for NFSv4.1 Object-based layout
  Done     - WG Last Call for NFSv4 minor version 1
  Done     - WG Last Call for NFSv4.1 block/volume layout
  Done     - Submit NFS Minor Version 1 to IESG for publication as a Proposed Standard
  Done     - Submit Object-based pNFS Operations to IESG for publication as a Proposed Standard
  Done     - Submit pNFS Block/Volume Layout to IESG for publication as a Proposed Standard
  Done     - WG Last Call for Requirements for Federated File Systems draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-reqts-01
  Done     - WG Last Call for Administration Protocol for Federated Filesystems draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-admin-00.txt
  Done     - WG Last Call for NSDB Protocol for Federated Filesystems draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-protocol-00.txt
  May 2012 - WG Last Call for Labeled NFS Requirements
  Jun 2012 - Submit RFC3530bis to IESG (Standards Track)
  Jun 2012 - Submit Labeled NFS Requirements to IESG (Informational)
  Jul 2012 - Submit RFC5664bis to IESG (Standards Track)
  Sep 2012 - WG Last Call NFSv4.2
  Oct 2012 - WG Last Call RPCSEC_GSS v3
  Oct 2012 - Submit NFSv4.2 to IESG (Standards Track)
  Nov 2012 - Submit RPCSEC_GSS v3 to IESG (Standards Track)
  Nov 2012 - WG Last Call for NFSv4.0/4.1 Cross Domain FedFS document
  Nov 2012 - WG Last Call for NFSv4 Multi-domain best practices
  Dec 2012 - Submit NFSv4 Cross Domain FedFS document to IESG (Informational)
  Dec 2012 - Submit NFSv4 Multi-domain deployment guidance to IESG (Informational)

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