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Next Steps in Signaling (Concluded WG)
Tsv Area: Zaheduzzaman Sarker, Martin Duke | 2001-Nov-30 — 2011-Mar-17 

IETF-72 nsis agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
WG update
GIST update
Permission-Based Sending


          IETF-72, Dublin, Ireland
          **Agenda for NSIS WG**
          TUESDAY, July 29, 2008
          1740-1840 Afternoon Session III
          (latest status at https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/72/agenda.html)
          WG Chair(s):
          Martin Stiemerling <stiemerling@nw.neclab.eu>
          Jukka Manner <jukka.manner@tkk.fi>
          * NOTE WELL
          * Agenda Bashing
          * WG Status  (20 minutes)
            Milestones Review
            WG Document Status and Accomplishments
            Individual Document Status
              * IANA Considerations for the IPv4 and IPv6 Router Alert Option - Chair
              * Applicability Statement of NSIS Protocols in Mobile Environments - Chair
          * Status of GIST - 20 minutes
            Henning Schulzrinne
          * PBS NSLP: Network Traffic Authorization - 10 minutes
            Henning Schulzrinne

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