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Peer-to-Peer Session Initiation Protocol (Concluded WG)
Art Area: Francesca Palombini, Murray Kucherawy | 2007-Feb-21 — 2016-Dec-23 

IETF-70 p2psip agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Agenda and Note Well Slides
Spencer Dawkin's Slides on the Routing Question
Philip Matthews' Slides on the NAT Question
Marcin Matuszewski's Slides on the Clients Question
Eric Rescorla's Slides on the Placed ID Question
Bruce Lowekamp's Slides on the Replication Question
Combined Protocol Presentation Slides


          P2PSIP Agenda
          Wednesday, 5 December, 2007, 1300-1500 in Salon D/E
            David Bryan <dbryan@sipeerior.com>
            Brian Rosen <br@brianrosen.net>
          Agenda Bash/Administrivia (Chairs) :10
          Open Questions Discussion :15 minutes per topic
            The purpose of this section is to discuss, in detail, a few of the
            topics that have been being discussed most extensively on the mailing
            list and that the group appears to have to address to move forward on
            a serious protocol draft. Goals here are grand and lofty and we may
            have to settle for less...
            The proposed leader *must* discuss this (and share slide text in
            advance of the meeting) on-list to build up a good discussion on the
            Topic: "Routing: What does it look like?"
            Leader: Spencer Dawkins
            Goal: How many routing techniques do we need, and can we pick a set?
              Discuss/compare different routing techniques (iterative, recursive,
              semi-recursive, as well as symmetric vs. asymmetric). Can we decide
              on a set for the protocol to implement?
            Topic: "NAT Traversal for P2P Messages"
            Leader: Philip Matthews
            Goal: Decide on what a NAT traversal mechanism will look like.
              How do we implement NAT traversal for P2P messages? How do we locate
              STUN servers (if we use them)
            Topic: "Do we need clients (other than SIP)?"
            Leader: Marcin Matuszewski
            Goal: Present a set of use cases for why clients are needed, get
              consensus or if we need them
            Topic: "PeerID assignment and Chosen Location Attacks"
            Leader: Eric Rescorla
            Goal: Understand the implications of PeerID assignment on security
              Take a look at how PeerIDs can be selected, and how this affects
              chosen location attacks. Discuss different approaches offered for
              ID assignment.
            Topic: "Replication"
            Leader: Bruce Lowekamp
            Goal: Understand the problems inherent in replication.
              Compare mechanisms for replication (root replicates, source
              replicates, other) and discuss how we might select. More
              importantly, *where* in the protocol (DHT level, application
              level) should this happen?
          Concepts Document (TBD) :10
            Open questions on the concepts draft. Hopefully, some clarification
            to some questions will come from the above discussions.
          (Very unlikely to actually get time...)
          Peer Protocol Proposal Discussions (authors) :05 per proposal (:10 for
            merged proposals so as not to penalize merging. Time permitting)
            Time limit will be *very* strictly enforced
            For existing proposals, topic must be about what has changed since
            the last version. For new proposals, topic must be what is new about
            this draft? Why a new draft instead of a tweak to one of the existing
            * RELOAD (merged with ASP, :10)
            * P2PP
            * HIPHOP
            * XPP
            * with HIP
            * SEP/Client Protocol
            * P2PNS
          Because this agenda revolves around the questions, rather than specific
          drafts being proposed, a specific reading list is not possible. See
          www.p2psip.org/ietf.php for a list of current drafts, and revisit the
          mailing list for recent discussion on these items.

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