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Paws Status Pages

Protocol to Access WS database (Concluded WG)
App Area: Barry Leiba | 2011-Jun-14 — 2015-May-22 

IETF-82 paws agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Chair's slides
PAWS Use Cases
PAWS Requirements
802.22 PAWS Requirements
PAWS Data Model format
PAWS Protocol Framework
Session 2011-11-15 0900-1130: 101D - Audio stream - paws chatroom

iCal: ietf-82-paws.ics


          1. Administrivia (5 min)
          Blue sheets, minutes taker, jabber proxy, jabber scribe?
          2. WG doc status (5 min)
          3. PAWS Use Cases presentation (Raj, JC, 20 min)
          4. PAWS Requirements presentation (Gabor, 30 min)
          5. Input on Requirements from 802.22 (Apurva, 15 min)
          5.1 Coexistence In-scope / out of scope discussion
          6. PAWS Data Model presentation (Jesse, 30 min)
          7. PAWS protocol framework (30 min)
          8. Next steps discussion (10 min)

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