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Port Control Protocol (Concluded WG)
Int Area: √Čric Vyncke, Erik Kline | 2010-Aug-31 — 2017-Nov-12 

IETF-82 pcp agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Chairs slides
PCP Base Protocol - Changes from last call
PCP Rapid Recovery
PCP authentication
PCP client experience
Other Milestones
Nested NAT
Using PCP To Coordinate Between the CGN and Home Gateway Via Port Allocation
PCP Extensions
Failure scenario
RADIUS Extensions
Session 2011-11-18 0900-1100: 101B - Audio stream - pcp chatroom

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PCP Working Group Agenda
IETF 82, Taipei, November 2011

Chairs: Alain Durand adurand@juniper.net
Dave Thaler dthaler@microsoft.com

Jabber room: xmpp:pcp@jabber.ietf.org?join
Friday, 09:00-11:00, 101 B (conflicts: mmusic, ccamp, sidr, krb-wg)

           9:00  Note takers, agenda, existing milestones                   (Chairs, 5)
Milestone: May 2011 - Send PCP protocol to IESG for publication as PS
9:05 PCP Base Protocol (Dan Wing, 20) draft-ietf-pcp-base-17 9:25 PCP Rapid Recovery (Stuart Cheshire, 15) (was draft-cheshire-pcp-recovery, now in base-17) 9:40 Port Control Protocol (PCP) Authentication Mechanism draft-wasserman-pcp-authentication-01 (Margaret Wasserman, xx) x:xx PCP base-13 implementation experience (Bruno Faria, 5) x:xx Discussion of other milestone items (Chairs, 20)
Milestone: May 2011 - Send PCP service discovery to IESG for publication as PS
DHCP Options for PCP draft-ietf-pcp-dhcp-00
Milestone: Oct 2011 - Send UPnP relay to IESG for publication as PS
UPnP IGD IWF (expired) draft-bpw-pcp-upnp-igd-interworking-02
Milestone: Oct 2011 - Send NAT-PMP relay to IESG for publication as PS
NAT-PMP IWF (expired) draft-bpw-pcp-nat-pmp-interworking-00
Possible future work (no milestones), time permitting
x:xx Nested NATs (Reinaldo Penno, 10) draft-penno-pcp-nested-nat-01 x:xx Using PCP To Coordinate Between the CGN and (Tina Tsou, 10) Home Gateway Via Port Allocation draft-tsou-pcp-natcoord-03 x:xx PCP Extensions (Christian Jacquenet, 20) draft-boucadair-pcp-extensions draft-boucadair-pcp-failure draft-boucadair-pcp-rtp-rtcp x:xx RADIUS Extensions (Roberta Maglione/Dean Cheng, 10) draft-maglione-pcp-radius-ext-02 x:xx finished
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