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Art Area: Barry Leiba, Adam Roach, Alexey Melnikov | 2019-Apr-12 —  

IETF-106 rum minutes

Session 2019-11-21 1000-1200: VIP A - Audio stream - rum chatroom


minutes-106-rum-00 minutes

          IETF 106 rum meeting Thursday, Nov 21, 10:00 VIP-A
          Co-Chairs Brian Rosen, Paul Kyzivat (remote)
          Many more remote participants than in person participants!
          Brian Rosen presented draft-ietf-rum-rue-01
          1. Media
          Still some concern on OPUS as MTI, especially if older devices must
          be upgraded.  It was pointed
          out that OPUS has very low compute requirements, and it would be difficult
          to get a document
          through the IETF without it, as it is considered best current practice.
          There was a request to
          clarify that G.711 may be needed in circumstances other than PSTN
          interconnect, e.g. to connect
          to older devices.
          Request by Brian to review WebRTC video specs we reference and suggest
          any other requirements.
          Confirmed that WebRTC mandates support for Mode 4.
          Discussion of eliminating most occurrences of differentiation between
          rue and provider, in
          favor of discussing only what happens across the interface.  Editor will
          do this, but the WG
          may decide to revert the change if it doesn't come out right.
          Will keep the provisioning capability, but add text clarifying how the
          mechanism works.
          Long discussion of contacts.  Current text requires upload/download from
          a URI and CardDAV.
          There seemed to be confusion between the data format of a contact (JCard)
          and the transport
          (URI based upload/download and CardDav).  It was noted that JCard is
          extensible, including
          proprietary extensions, which should cover all known enhancements
          providers typically offer.
          There was some skepticism of sync actually working, although several
          participants cited
          multivendor sync working for them.
          Request by Brian to bring up other areas that need work.
          Emergency calling was cited.  Need more text on how location is handled
          and how existing
          "E911" support is provided.  "Additional Data" reference and explanatory
          text is needed.
          Discussion of certificates.  Text currently provides a client cert for
          mutual auth, but
          It seems what providers want is identity of the code/implementation,
          not the user.
          There was skepticism that this was possible, but list discussion will
          be held to figure out
          if there are some things we can do.
          Objection to "With the understanding that" wording.  Editor to rework.
          It was suggested we follow new work on multiparty RTT because some end
          device support may
          be needed.

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