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Session PEERing for Multimedia INTerconnect (Concluded WG)
Rai Area: Alissa Cooper, Ben Campbell | 2006-Feb-08 — 2011-Nov-07 

IETF-72 speermint agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
VoIP Consolidated Use Cases (Adam Uzelac)
Requirements (Jean-Francois Mule)
Architecture (Reinaldo Penno)
Message Flows (Hadriel Kaplan)
Security BCPs (Jan Seedorf)
Document Status (Jason Livingood)


          Session PEERing for Multimedia INTerconnect (Speermint)
          Monday, July 28, 2008, 1300 - 1500 (Afternoon Session I)
          Room Name: Convention 2
          CHAIRS:                 Jason Livingood         <jason_livingood@cable.comcast.com>
                                  Daryl Malas             <d.malas@cablelabs.com>
          SECRETARY:              Alexander Mayrhofer     <alexander.mayrhofer@nic.at>
          RAI AREA DIRECTORS:     Cullen Jennings         <fluffy@cisco.com>
                                  Jon Peterson            <jon.peterson@neustar.biz>
          RAI AREA ADVISOR:       Jon Peterson            <jon.peterson@neustar.biz>
          GENERAL (15 minutes)
          1 - Welcome & Introduction to SPEERMINT / Administrivia                 5 minutes
                  Jason Livingood
             - Mailing list: speermint-request@ietf.org
             - Scribe (jabber)
             - Blue Sheets
          2 - Progress Report                                                     5 minutes
                  - Review of Completed Documents
                  - Review of Document Flow / Priority of Upcoming Submissions
                  Jason Livingood
          3 - Agenda Bashing                                                      5 minutes
                  Daryl Malas
          REVIEW PRIMARY WG DRAFTS (70 minutes)
          4 - FINAL FEEDBACK AND WRAP-UP --> SPEERMINT VoIP SIP Peering           15 minutes
                  Use Cases
                  Adam Uzelac
          5 - FINAL FEEDBACK AND WRAP-UP --> SPEERMINT Requirements for           15 minutes
                  SIP-based VoIP Interconnection
                  Jean-Francois Mule
          6 - DETAILED REVIEW --> SPEERMINT Peering Architecture                  20 minutes
                  Reinaldo Penno
          7 - DETAILED REVIEW --> SPEERMINT Message Flows                         20 minutes
                  Hadriel Kaplan
          REVIEW INDIVIDUAL DRAFTS (15 minutes)
          8 - Speermint Security BCPs                                             15 minutes
                  Saverio Niccolini
          OPEN DISCUSSION (20 minutes)                                            20 minutes
                  * Next WGLC drafts
                  * New indivdual drafts coming?
                  * Need for more frequent conference calls?

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