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TCP Increased Security (Concluded WG)
Tsv Area: Zaheduzzaman Sarker, Martin Duke | 2014-Jun-30 — 2019-Jun-05 

IETF-95 tcpinc agenda

Session 2016-04-07 1730-1930: Buen Ayre C - Audio stream - tcpinc chatroom


          TCP Increased Security (tcpinc) Agenda at IETF-95 (Buenos Aires)
          Thursday, April 7 17:30-19:30 (Afternoon Session III)
          Room Name: Buen Ayre C
          WG Status Update
          15 minutes
          TCP-ENO: Encryption Negotiation Option
          Dave Mazières
          Slides: https://www.ietf.org/proceedings/95/slides/slides-95-tcpinc-1.pdf
          30 minutes (including discussion)
          Interface Extensions for TCP-ENO
          Dave Mazières
          Slides: https://www.ietf.org/proceedings/95/slides/slides-95-tcpinc-2.pdf
          20 minutes (including discussion)
          Negotiation of Userspace TLS using TCP-ENO
          Eric Rescorla
          10 minutes
          tcpcrypt: Cryptographic protection of TCP Streams
          Andrea Bittau
          Slides: https://www.ietf.org/proceedings/95/slides/slides-95-tcpinc-0.pdf
          40 minutes (including discussion)
          Other Business
          5 minutes

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