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Public Notary Transparency (Active WG)
Sec Area: Roman Danyliw, Benjamin Kaduk | 2014-Feb-14 —  

IETF-92 trans agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Open issues
6962-bis update
A threat analysis for trans
Gossip protocol for CT
Session 2015-03-23 1300-1500: Far East - Audio stream - trans chatroom


trans session, ietf 92
13:00 - 15:00 Monday 23 March 2015

  • administrivia (~5 minutes)
    • blue sheets, scribes, agenda-bashing
status update
  • milestone review
  • quickie overview of draft status
  • open trac issues run-down (Eran)

6962-bis (Ben Laurie)

threat analysis (Steve Kent)

  • status
  • disposition (in -bis or stand-alone?)

client behavior (chairs)

  • should this be a stand-alone draft
  • if so, do we have an editor?

gossip drafts (Linus Nordberg/Daniel Kahn-Gillmor)

potential new work
any other business?

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