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Trill Status Pages

Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (Concluded WG)
Rtg Area: Alvaro Retana, Martin Vigoureux, John Scudder | 2005-Jun-29 — 2018-Mar-19 

IETF-74 trill agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
Agenda and Status
Two Kinds of Hello
Protocol Draft Changes
TRILL PPP Encapsulation
TRILL Header Options
Additional TRILL Documents
Goals and Milestones update


          TUESDAY, 1300-1500, Room: Imperial B
            5 min.  Administrativia (scribes etc), Agenda Bashing, Chairs
           15 min.  Review of Existing Charter, Milestones, and Document Status,
                   Rbridges: Base Protocol Specification
                   draft-ietf-trill-rbridge-protocol-12, Radia Perlman, Donald Eastlake,
                        Silvano Gai, Dinesh Dutt, Anoop Ghanwani
           10 min. Implementation Experience: Two kinds of Hello, Radia Perlman
           15 min. Changes from -10 to -12, Donald Eastlake
           10 min. Frame types, encapsulation, and PPP, Erik Nordmark
           10 min. IEEE 802.1 comments on the TRILL protocol specification
                   draft, Don Fedyk
           10 min. TRILL Header Options: ECN, VLAN Promotion
                        Donald Eastlake, Caitlin Bestler
           15 min. Additional TRILL Work/Documents, Donald Eastlake
           10 min. TRILL OAM, Anoop Ghanwani
           10 min. Charter Update, Chairs

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