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Tsvtsv Area | 1999-Oct-22 —  

IETF-82 tsvwg agenda


These are also available from the materials page:
1-IETF 82 TSVWG Chairs Status
3-IETF 82 Signaling from ECN for RTP-RTCP
4-IETF 83 Recommendations for Transport Port Uses
5-IETF 82 Shared Use of TCP Experimental Options
6-IETf 82 Towards Extending the TCP Option Space
Session 2011-11-14 1510-1610: 101B - Audio stream - tsvwg chatroom

iCal: ietf-82-tsvwg.ics


          IETF-82, Taipei, Taiwan
          WG Chairs: James Polk <jmpolk@cisco.com>
                     Gorry Fairhurst <gorry@erg.abdn.ac.uk>
             Chairing this meeting: Wesley Eddy <wes@mti-systems.com>
          1510-1610  Afternoon Session II, room 101B
          * Chairs Agenda Bashing                                     (15 min)
                 NOTE WELL
                 Document Status and Accomplishments
                 Charter & Milestones Review
          * IESG Feedback
          * WGLC Feedback
          Source Quench
          * Working Group Drafts
          ? - Byte and Packet Congestion Notification                  (2 min)    2
          * Non-Working Group Drafts
          Ken - Reactions to Signaling from ECN Support for RTP/RTCP  (10 min)   3
          Joe - Recommendations for Transport Port Uses               (10 min)   4
          - About to start a call for WG adoption.
          Joe - Shared Use of Experimental TCP Options                (10 min)   5
          Michio Honda - Towards Extending the TCP Option Space       (10 min)   6

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