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WebTransport (Active WG)
Art Area: Francesca Palombini, Murray Kucherawy | 2020-Mar-06 —  

2021-03-10 charter

WebTransport (webtrans)


 Current Status: Active

     David Schinazi <dschinazi.ietf@gmail.com>
     Dr. Bernard D. Aboba <bernard.aboba@gmail.com>

 Applications and Real-Time Area Directors:
     Murray Kucherawy <superuser@gmail.com>
     Francesca Palombini <francesca.palombini@ericsson.com>

 Applications and Real-Time Area Advisor:
     Francesca Palombini <francesca.palombini@ericsson.com>

 Mailing Lists:
     General Discussion: webtransport@ietf.org
     To Subscribe:       https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/webtransport
     Archive:            https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/browse/webtransport/

Description of Working Group:

  Description of Working Group

  The WebTransport working group will define new client-server protocols or
  protocol extensions in order to support the development of the WebTransport
  API https://wicg.github.io/web-transport.

  The WebTransport working group will define an application-layer protocol
  or suite of application-layer protocols that support a range of simple
  communication methods. These must include unreliable messages (that might
  be limited by the path MTU), reliable messages, and ordered streams of
  reliable messages. Attention will be paid to the performance of the
  protocol, with particular attention to the protocol’s overhead and the
  potential for head-of-line blocking; its ability to be deployed and used
  reliably under different network conditions; and its ability to integrate
  into the Web security model. The working group will not define new
  transport protocols but will instead use existing protocols such as QUIC
  and TLS/TCP.

  The group will pay attention to security issues arising from the above
  scenarios so as to protect against creation of new modes of attack.

  To assist in the coordination with owners of the WebTransport API, the
  group will initially develop an overview document containing use cases
  and requirements in order to clarify the goals of the effort. The
  requirements will include those arising from the WebTransport API.
  Feedback will also be solicited at various points along the way in order
  to ensure the best possible match between the protocol extensions and the
  needs of the WebTransport API.

  The group will also coordinate with related working groups within the IETF,
  such as QUIC and HTTPBIS, as appropriate.  In particular, if the working
  group needs any changes to or extensions of the core protocols, those
  issues will be raised with the relevant working groups for decisions on how
  best to handle them.  If those decisions result in work in WebTrans, the
  working group last calls for that work will again be sent to the relevant
  working groups.  The group also needs to coordinate with TAPS, as they are
  working on related message-based APIs and it's important to make sure there
  aren't conflicts and/or duplications.

Goals and Milestones:
  Feb 2021 - Adopt a draft defining a WebTransport protocol as a WG work item
  Oct 2021 - Issue WG last call of the WebTransport Overview document.
  Mar 2022 - Issue WG last call on the first WebTransport protocol document
  Done     - Adopt a WebTransport Overview draft as a WG work item

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